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Danielle S Ferguson-Macklin
Rutgers University
MPA Capstone
Spring 2023

General Portfolio

About Me.

As a dynamic and innovative leader, I offer 4 years of experience spearheading DE&I programs and initiatives, with more than 15 years managing change and developing talent for the largest U.S. cable internet-access provider. My expertise includes business analytics and sales, and I have a record of success in managing multiple projects simultaneously and driving results, while learning and applying new skills quickly.

A compassionate leader with a strong business acumen, I hold teams accountable and invest time and energy to develop talent. Applying my coaching expertise to business, I promote a growth mindset and provide resources to help people manage change. 

Driven by my passions for creating an impact in the community and advancing inclusion in the workplace, I infuse DE&I principles into every conversation and meeting to help others  feel at ease, as I build cultural awareness. I am known for my fairness, creativity, and detail orientation.



Candidate - Masters of Public Administration
Rutgers University

The Master's in Public Administration (MPA) provided a  broad-based education in the management and administration of public and nonprofit organizations. The knowledge and skills gained have opened doors to lead and manage public sector organizations, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and international organizations.


Bachelors of Science - Business 
Southern New Hampshire University

In my business management studies, I chose organizational leadership as a specialization that involves applying analytical techniques, decision-making tools, and relevant theories to solve organizational problems creatively. The subject matter and the course flexibility allowed me to be agile in my learning based on what I was experiencing in my work life. Demonstrating and practicing what I learned in real time allowed me to play numerous roles within my company and grow our organization with a deeper understanding of problem-solving skills and a keen focus on results-orientated goal achievement.


Theatre Arts Administration

Course Work 
Howard University

The program in Theatre Arts Administration at Howard gave me the aptitude in the production and management aspects of the arts and entertainment industry. The program gave created a keen business sense in arts management with leadership principles at its core. At Howard, we experienced contemporary business practices and a thorough understanding of the arts. From art history to entertainment industry standards, my studies instilled the essential qualities necessary to achieve high standards of winning entertainment leadership career. A crucial aspect of this program is to equip students for a constantly evolving job market and to train them to be influential leaders in a dynamic society.

My Story

Personal Profile

This year I turned 50. I'm the same age as rap music; I am the same age as Roe v Wade. Much of who I am begins and ends with the generation I was born in, the places I've lived, and the people that have impacted my life. I used to regret some of my experiences. Still, today I am grateful, and I cherish every painful memory just as I cherish the numerous beautiful memories I have experienced, from being a girl from Harlem, New York, to the suburbs of New Hampshire. I am a passionate leader who believes in the community's power. Community work fuels my purpose and reinforces my unapologetic attitude toward hate and systematic discrimination. I am wholly dedicated to bringing my Black and Latino men and women into STEM fields. No matter where they are, they will hear my message!


Crystal Salt
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